Emma Gahan, Child Wellness Consultant

"It has really been life-changing for us all. I finally feel human again and not constantly tired after nearly 2 years!"

— Carlota, Mother of 2-year-old Oliver



Child Wellness Consultant

Working with me as your sleep consultant, you will learn a range of skills and techniques for helping your child to settle down to sleep and to self-settle if they wake in the night.  As an advocate of gentle parenting, I recommend sitting with them initially while they learn these skills, gradually reducing your presence as they gain in confidence and independence.  I believe this calm approach is the best way to build up routines and have happy and contented children. I will support you through your learning.

As well as being very positive, I’m also a realist.  The nature of parenting is exhausting - even when things are going well.  Throw into the mix a baby who will not sleep and who cries constantly when put down, plus life throwing you other unexpected curved balls at the same time and it’s no wonder we can end up feeling overwhelmed.  So, I’m also a strong advocate of self-care for parents.  If we want to be great parents, then caring for ourselves, including getting enough sleep, is vital.


This is why I have a holistic approach when it comes to sleep-training and I take into account the bigger picture when it comes to the needs of the whole family.  Being open and honest about your feelings and concerns can lift a weight off of your shoulders and make it easier for me to help you with solutions.  I’m known as a great listener – non-judgemental and supportive, so whether you want short advice about nap routines, or for me to hold your hand and guide you one-to-one through implementing changes, I’m here for you.

The sleep training techniques I use are all designed to be gentle, practical and easy to implement.  Whichever package you decide to choose, I will be there to support you.

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"On the first night it took him a while to fall asleep, but for the first time ever he slept the whole night through. We couldn't believe it! As the nights went on, he was falling asleep much faster and still continued to sleep the whole night. His daytime naps are also brilliant now too, giving us our much-needed rest."

James & Margorie – parents of 10-month-old Joshua.

"We were really nervous about doing it with our twins and in the end with Emma's help she gave us a huge amount of confidence and ensured that we got to that awesome stage of having a full night sleep. Our twins were so much happier in the day too - everyone benefitted!

We cannot stress the importance of being able to talk to someone directly rather than trying to just read some kind of material to do this training. It's the best way to answer any of those small questions you have in the back your mind and crucially allay any fears. Thanks Emma!

— Kieran & Claire – parents to 8-month-old twins Ava & Isla.

"Emma (or should I say the baby whisperer!), thank you so much for all your help/support/guidance. You are a wonder woman! Our 5-month-old son has gone from waking every hour at night to sleeping through within two weeks."

— Katie & John – Parents to 4-Month-old Ruper