Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read these terms and conditions and sign your name and date at the bottom. I ask that you please send the completed form back to me via email at the same time as your deposit payment to enable us to go forward with our arranged appointment.

I am Emma Gahan, a fully trained Paediatric Sleep Consultant and starting solids facilitator and a Child Wellbeing Coach. I hold an enhanced DBS check; I am FULLY INSURED and GDPR registered.
Testimonials and certificates can be requested from me at any time.

All information is confidential and not to be shared with any 3rd party, either directly or indirectly.
I will not share any confidential information supplied by you to 3rd party’s.

Consultations may be held in your home, depending on locality, scheduling, and availability and subject to additional travel costs.

Emma Gahan understands that her role will be that of a professional Sleep Consultant and Child Wellbeing Coach.

During our consultation, Emma Gahan will provide an extensive overview of sleep basics and share any research relevant to your specific situation that might shed some light on what is happening.
You may contact Emma Gahan to purchase any additional follow-up support as needed. Follow-on packages are subject to the same terms and conditions as this agreement.

As already discussed, results are entirely dependent on your commitment to follow consistently the plan and professional advice outlined by Emma Gahan. She cannot guarantee results, as many things impact sleep, including but not limited to illness, teething, sleep environment, visitors, travelling, inconsistent reinforcement, and growth spurts. Clients typically experience improvement within one to two weeks.

Emma Gahan has a 100% success rate with those families that stick to the plan outlined to them.

Fees & Payment Schedule

The fee for Emma Gahan’s service is as indicated at the time of your initial telephone call or when booking online via the website. Fees are payable via bank transfer or via PayPal.

A £35 deposit is required in order to secure your booking and is due within 24 hours of you making a booking. The deposit is non-refundable; however, Emma Gahan will reschedule the appointment free of charge with at least 48 hours’ notice.

Payment in full is required the day before your consultation is due, otherwise it is due at time of booking. If payment has not been received before the consultation, it will not take place.


Any changes made to this letter of agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties.
You may cancel this agreement, in writing, for any reason.

If any services are cancelled after payment has been made, refunds are limited to unearned fees, less a £75 for work and time already carried out on your case. If you cancel fewer than 5 days before your scheduled consultation – except for the death of a member of your immediate family – there will be no refund.

If you need to reschedule, you must give notice at least 48 hours in advance. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.


This agreement will terminate two weeks after the date of your consultation. Any continuing support packages may be purchased separately and will be subject to the same terms and conditions explained in this contract.

Acts of God

If an act of God, such as a fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural calamity shall cause you to cancel my services, Emma Gahan will require payment only for the time actually spent sleep consulting.

My Services Are Not Medical Advice. The advice you receive from me is for informational purposes only and is intended for use with common early childhood sleep issues that are wholly unrelated to medical conditions. My advice is NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health practitioner regarding any matters that may require medical attention or diagnosis, and before following the advice and using the techniques described in this plan. Reliance on any information provided by Emma Gahan is solely at your own risk.

Exclusion/Limitation of Liability

Emma Gahan is a self-employed sleep consultant certified by the Baby Sleep the Night Training and Mentoring programme. Emma Gahan does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding consulting services provided. Emma Gahan’s liability (if any) is limited to the consulting fee paid by you to Emma Gahan, and in no event will Emma Gahan be liable to you for any other claim, losses or damages.

Please note that all my work is protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patent’s Act, 1988, which also covers the Intellectual Property rights of my work.

It is the parent’s choice to implement any suggested techniques or strategies and parents maintain full responsibility for their child’s health throughout sleep work.
Parents must ensure they follow SIDS guidelines at all times.