Starting Solids Workshops



I offer a range of workshop options for parents who are preparing to start the introduction of solid foods, alongside their milk feeds.  

Prices are from £15 - £45 per person and a group discount is available.

Please email for further details.   


Sessions are available in-person in the Bournemouth area, or worldwide via Zoom.  Options include:

  • private, in-home sessions 
  • private Zoom call
  • private group within your home
  • sessions in church halls
What can we cover?







“I came to Emma through a recommendation by a friend. I was desperate! Nothing I tried seemed to make a difference and I felt hopeless and exhausted. I thought I was falling apart. I freely admit that I was sceptical about sleep training - sceptical and a bit scared!

After speaking to Emma I felt a huge wave of relief. Emma was so kind, compassionate, and supportive. She understood my concerns and listened to my worries but reassured me we would work through this together. It turns out that is Emma’s secret weapon!

I'd read the basic principles of sleep training before, I’d seen the blogs and websites full of tips, but I couldn’t put them into practice on my own. Emma provided a bespoke routine and then provided something far more valuable - the support I needed and craved.

And the transformation was amazing. My daughter slept through the night after only a couple of days of training and she was napping in her cot. And while the transformation was fast, this is by no means a “quick fix”. Emma has set us up with the skills for better sleep for the long term. Thank you, Emma!”

Pilar and Nat

"My babies sleep from 7 pm to 7 am. Sometimes initially they woke up around 6am but they went back to sleep again. This method is amazing. It's really works. I do strongly recommend Emma to every single parent! Our children are still happy, smile a lot and are happy to see us after nap or night sleep. Emma is very helpful, and she gently gives explanations and psychological support which I needed the most."

— Agnieszka – Mother of 7-month-old Triplets

"We are so thankful to Emma for the sleep plan she put together for us and the support in implementing it, I had a few wobbles along the way and Emma was there to reassure and keep us on track.  Our son has gone from waking up every couple of hours and being fed to sleep to now settling himself and sleeping through the night! Feel we now have our evenings back to spend time with our older son and not so constantly exhausted, so much more energy and enjoying time with both boys.  Thank you, Emma, we will be forever grateful. Thank you for giving us the confidence to follow the plan and reap the benefits."

— Helen – Mother of 11-month-old Arlo